Mar 14, 2013

2013 Sebring

Sep 20, 2012


Jul 19, 2012

Canada AM Segment

Dec 31, 1969

Dec 31, 1969

Virtual Solutions, Optimized Performance

Pratt & Miller’s world renowned modeling and simulation capabilities allow us to develop solutions virtually and optimize performance prior to building hardware. By front loading the product development process with modeling and simulation, Pratt & Miller is able to compress the overall project timeline and improve the performance of the first prototypes. Once physical hardware is undergoing testing, modeling and simulation is used to refine the system performance, quickly analyze alternatives, run sensitivity studies, and correlate test data. Utilizing the latest advances in computer hardware and software run by expert analysts, Pratt & Miller can predict and develop vehicle and system performance for attributes such as ride, handling, mobility, acceleration performance, durability, structural performance, blast analysis, crash analysis, safety system performance, aerodynamics, HVAC, and cooling.

Capabilities include:


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