Defense Overview


Racing to Design and Build Winning Ground Vehicle Solutions

Although race cars and military vehicles have vastly different missions, they share a common need for maximum efficiency, rock-solid reliability, uncompromised durability, and flawless performance under extreme stress. The same Pratt & Miller technology that wins racing championships around the world can also be applied to design, develop, prototype, and manufacture a wide range of products for defense applications.

Whether it is developing lightweight tactical vehicles, designing vehicle sub-systems, building and testing prototypes, or developing occupant protection technologies, Pratt & Miller can compress development time to get product in the field quickly. Through rigorous systems engineering and the application of advanced computer aided engineering, Pratt & Miller can help solve the toughest vehicle engineering problems.


  • Suspension
  • Chassis
  • Mobility Analysis
  • Lightweight Systems
  • Body Systems
  • Interior Systems
  • Blast Analysis
  • Occupant Protection
  • Survivability Systems Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Autonomous Systems Engineering
  • Hybrid/Electric Systems
  • Powertrain Integration
  • Thermal Systems
  • Concept Creation and Development
  • Trade Studies
  • Requirements Management



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