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Dec 31, 1969



Pratt & Miller Powersports Overview Video


Advancing the Serious Business of Having Fun

From sport touring motorcycles to all-terrain utility vehicles, Pratt & Miller's advanced technology injects fun, performance, and safety into our clients' Powersports products. With a unique set of attributes, the world of Powersports often blends recreation with work. Our decades of experience with lightweight, high-performance vehicles provides the insight to design and develop specialized vehicles for agricultural, forestry, mining, and industrial uses, as well as recreational and sporting applications.

Ride, handling, and driving dynamics in Powersports differ dramatically from conventional vehicles. Pratt & Miller's versatile engineering, design, and manufacturing processes are adaptable to the specific needs of this market. Computer simulation, aerodynamic analysis, shaker rig testing, and computer-aided design are among the tools that Pratt & Miller employs to shorten development timelines and deliver production-ready solutions.


  • Suspension
  • Chassis
  • Lightweight Systems
  • Hybrid / Electric Systems (Propulsion)
  • Body Systems
  • Electronics
  • Thermal Systems
  • Safety Systems



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