Mar 14, 2013

2013 Sebring

Sep 20, 2012


Jul 19, 2012

Canada AM Segment


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The Irresistible Force that Drives Pratt & Miller

The racing spirit is the power that drives Pratt & Miller Engineering. What began as a small specialty shop in 1989 is now a world-class engineering powerhouse with a global footprint.

Pratt & Miller's success is written in racing's record books, with victories and championships in series that span the spectrum of motorsports. In programs such as Corvette Racing and Team Cadillac, Pratt & Miller has a high profile; in others, the company works quietly in the background to develop race-winning technology for its clients.

Pratt & Miller's strategy for motorsports success embraces five steps: design, develop, build, race, and win. The process is simple to describe, but difficult to achieve. Forged in the crucible of competition, this disciplined approach is equally effective in OEM automotive, military, and industrial design projects. With fabrication and assembly divisions fully integrated with Pratt & Miller's engineering, design and development services, clients receive unrivalled accuracy, efficiency, and performance.

Top-level competition is a demanding and unforgiving business. The fact that the checkered flag is black and white is not coincidental; in racing there is no gray area. Meticulous preparation and flawless execution yield success. Winning is the ultimate validation that a program has met its objectives. That is how it's done at Pratt & Miller Engineering.


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