Pratt & Miller
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Our skilled Composite craftsmen apply the latest manufacturing processes to ensure optimized flow and efficiency, resulting in the highest quality components. With extensive experience in design, analysis, and manufacturing of composite material structures, Pratt & Miller employs the quickest and most cost effective methods from concept to completed part. High strength and lightweight composite materials offer our customers products that demand high efficiency and optimum performance.


  • Prepreg or wet layup
  • Honeycomb core (aluminum & Nomex)
  • Foam core (short run molded cores available)
  • Proprietary lost core RP process for ducting or tubular structures (Pat. Pending)
  • Post-cure oven for controlled heat cycling
  • RTM
  • Prototype and short production runs
  • Mold manufacturing and prep onsite
  • Hard tooling, composite tooling, metal molds, and bladder molding
  • Clay modeling