Pratt & Miller
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Vehicle Dynamics

Pratt & Miller’s modeling and simulation department develops solutions that optimize ride, handling, and mobility on a multitude of platforms. Utilizing the latest standards in simulation technology, including our in-house proprietary software tools, our team enables virtual testing to efficiently analyze and predict vehicle dynamics. By front-loading our projects with modeling and simulation, we have cut product development times by as much as 60%.


  • Track lap time optimization
  • System analysis and optimization
  • High-level code routines, database applications, MATLAB applications and GUI development
  • Data analysis applications
  • Test data analysis and correlation
  • Ride, handling and mobility analysis
  • Integration of supplier generated subsystems (control systems, tires, etc.)
  • Component load generation
  • Detailed system modeling of brakes, clutches, and power steering


  • ADAMS, ADAMS/Car and ADAMS/Chassis
  • CarSim
  • Dymola
  • Optimization using HEEDS/MDO