Pratt & Miller
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Pratt & Miller applies their expertise in motorsports safety and defense blast analysis to provide a wide range of solutions for occupant protection and vehicle survivability. Combining a systems engineering approach with our advanced analysis capability, Pratt & Miller can compress the development timeline and optimize the performance of a survivability system.

Capabilities & Technology:

  • System engineering approach applying extensive knowledge of all vehicle systems
  • Expertise in theoretical shock physics analyses
  • Ability to conduct and correlate appropriate experiments
  • Proprietary explicit software code with continuous development to improve prediction of blast events
  • Access to one of the largest, privately owned super-computing systems in the U.S. used to conduct large-scale full-3D calculations


  • System solutions for occupant protection
  • Underbelly blast
  • Ballistics
  • Vehicle structure development
  • Add on protection kit development
  • Material evaluation
  • Manufacturing process evaluation
  • Energy absorbing device development
  • Floor development
  • Seat development
  • Restraint development
  • Injury prediction