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PM-CST (Pratt & Miller-Combined Simulation Toolset) is an integrated simulation and analysis toolset providing easily-accessible vehicle analysis capabilities to allow engineers to understand the fundamental characteristics of a vehicle. PM-CST provides basic suspension geometry and chassis information to engineers, enabling quick, informed decisions regarding vehicle setup and chassis changes.

  • Single, integrated toolset that combines essential basic vehicle engineering activities:
    • Full-vehicle suspension geometry assembly from component geometry
    • Kinematic analysis
    • Steady-state load transfer analysis
  • Provides both a simple, grid-based view of geometry and setup parameters for easy comparison, as well as user-customizable setup pages
  • All output content, both plotting and data grids, is also customizable, allowing users to define the most appropriate views for their application
  • Interactive 3-D view of assembled suspension allows users to visually inspect setups and simulation results
  • All setup data,  as well as chassis, components, and their associated geometries are stored in an efficient parts database to eliminate the need for managing individual data files
  • Analysis results can be exported to generic XML and Excel formats, but can also be exported to ADAMS and Mitchell data file formats
  • Tight integration with the PM-VES databases is also available for clients who are already using PM-VES to manage component and setup data