Pratt & Miller
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PM-DOE (Pratt & Miller-Design of Experiments) is a highly-featured post-processing, visualization, and analysis utility for DOE response surface results created by various DOE and data analysis application.


  • Ability to import DOE response surface results and organize them into unlimited experiment sets
  • Unlimited Configuration sets allow users to study different factor settings
  • Unlimited Chart option to plot responses
  • Ability to cascade responses of one experiment as factors to another
  • Export Option to export analyzed data to other applications


  • 9 different chart types including:
    • Paretos
    • Polynomial
    • Surface
    • Trends
  • View data in both two and three dimensional formats
  • Work on single or multiple chart views


  • Quick determination of the optimum design criteria
  • Response optimization while varying a few or all the factors
  • Simple constraints allow user to specify ranges the factors must fall within
  • Complex constraints allow user to constrain factors together so that they are linked together
  • Multiple DOE support such that they can be optimized at the same time with the results of one simulation being input to a different simulation