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MSC Software

Pratt & Miller Engineering enjoys a long-term and productive position in selling and supporting MSC’s world-class CAE software. MSC software products accurately and reliably predict how products will behave in the real world to help engineers design better and more innovative products - quickly and cost effectively. Using MSC products, companies are able to eliminate slow and costly physical testing by creating and testing "virtual prototypes" that can be quickly evaluated for performance in any environment or conditions to achieve lasting competitive advantage.

Pratt & Miller Engineering's extensive CAE knowledge and experience, sizeable Modeling and Simulation staff, and industry expertise further increases the value of your software purchase. In addition to our full-range of Engineering Services (from design to build), we also provide a full-range of Software Support services including model development, software integration, customization, and training.

A partial list of available products available through Pratt & Miller include:

  • Adams™
  • SimManager™
  • Marc™
  • MSC Natran™
  • Patran™

For more information on any of these products please contact:
Mark Palmieri at (248)767-3631 OR