Pratt & Miller
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Component, System, & Full Vehicle Testing

The Pratt & Miller testing and development team utilizes state-of-the-art data-gathering software, specialized test equipment, and custom examination tools to cycle products and subsystems to prove reliability and component strength. From custom test benches to full vehicle build and validation, our team is prepared to support your everyday or custom testing needs. Our team of engineers closely monitor all testing to ensure an as-close-to-actual environment simulation as possible. If issues do arise, the engineering team will analyze, correlate, communicate and develop an action plan.

Pratt & Miller offers full service design, testing, analysis, optimization, validation, and manufacturing in the areas of Motorsports, Defense, Automotive, and Powersports.


  • Failure mode analysis
  • Hydraulic systems test bench
  • Fatigue testing and correlation
  • Kinematics & compliance testing
  • Dynamometer testing
  • Aerodynamics and cooling system testing
  • Suspension system development and tuning
  • Vehicle dynamics, durability, and validation
  • Advanced data analysis and correlation
  • Instrumentation and data acquisition
  • Fleet/event management
  • Product showcasing and benchmarking
  • Shock dynamometers

Vehicle Dynamics and Suspension Development:

  • Ride quality and handling analysis
  • Iterative design, simulation, and testing process
  • Experienced vehicle dynamic evaluations
  • Mass inertia testing
  • Seven post shaker rig analysis

Instrumentation Capabilities:

  • Lightweight, modular DAQ systems
  • Professional quality wiring harnesses
  • Analog, digital, and vehicle bus channels

Planning and Execution:

  • Certified test drivers/engineers
  • Efficient test plans minimize cost and time
  • Access to all major testing sites
  • Transporters and mobile testing HQ


  • MoTeC i2 Pro / Pi Toolbox
  • Pratt & Miller proprietary software