Pratt & Miller
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Specialized Testing Support

Our motorsports programs require a relentless dedication to improvement in order to maintain an advantage over the competition. This philosophy makes Pratt & Miller a powerful specialized testing support partner.

Concentrated Capabilities:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Event Support

Customized Bench Testing Solutions:

  • Test bench design and manufacturing
  • Specialized software controls

Vehicle Dynamics and Suspension Development:

  • Ride quality and handling analysis/tuning
  • Iterative design, simulation, and testing process
  • Experienced vehicle dynamics evaluators     

Instrumentation Capabilities:

  • Lightweight, modular DAQ systems
  • Professional quality wiring harnesses
  • Analog, digital, and vehicle bus channels

Planning and Execution:

  • Certified test drivers/engineers
  • Efficient test plans minimize cost and time
  • Access to all major testing sites
  • Transporters and mobile testing HQ


  • MoTeC i2 Pro / Pi Toolbox
  • Pratt & Miller proprietary software