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PM-Vehicle Engineering Systems (VES)

Pratt & Miller's software development team has created a comprehensive database application designed to track and organize large amounts of vehicle development and test program data. PM-VES (Pratt & Miller-Vehicle Engineering System) accurately and efficiently records the configurations of multiple vehicles while also storing the results of vehicle testing, development, and benchmarking activities.

Parts Database:

  • A comprehensive parts database to store and manage the various components used by the vehicle fleet during the development process
  • Ability to create part types, with each part type having an unlimited number of user-defined attributes
  • Time-varying part attributes allow users to track changes in part attributes as they degrade or are modified
  • Allows tracking of part wear, as well as inspection and rebuild activities

Vehicle Development and Testing:

  • Development and testing activities organized as a series of events, sessions and outings
  • Discrete vehicle tests organized by time to assemble full development and configuration history of vehicle 
  • Ability to recall complete vehicle configuration at any point in the development cycle


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